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Hey guys! I was sitting on this one all through ICON and I finally got the time to sit down and finish it. I keep trying to plan out a good-size comic for this world, and I’ll do it as soon as I can find a way to not just rip off Nausicaa.

*edit* I recommend hi-resing this thing, because tumblr hates horizontal formats.


Hey guys, sorry about all the recent radio silence. In addition to my regular job, I was volunteering this week at ICON8, which is this big illustration conference that moves all around the country every coupla years. That was very intense and it took me a bit to get back on my feet afterwards. I’m finally working on another piece and I’ll be getting back to Random Encounters soon too. In the meantime, enjoy this preview of the thing I’m working on today.

Here are some test sprites for a little game I’m working on with a friend. Nothing final, but just noodling around to get a feel for what’s gonna work.


This week on Random Encouters: The Lich! A lich is a powerful undead creature who has willingly given up their mortal existence in exchange for immortality and immense magical power. They bind their souls into gems, pendants, or other objects called Phylacteries. In order to destroy a lich, you must destroy the phylactery as well or the creature will simply re-form. This Lich is using his untold power to force zombies to re-arrange his furniture for him.

Sorry it took so long, guys. I just got off of an 8-day work week and free time has been pretty limited. If you want to help me not worry about bills and rent so much, please consider buying a couple prints from my shop.


Whoaaaaa it’s a Lich. Sorry it took so long, free time has been a real premium lately.


Hello, everyone! We have a new page of Singer’s Cave up on the site. Please head on over and check it out!


Singer’s Cave Part Two starts now! Go take a look (link above.)

I colored something from my sketchbook to try out Kyle Webster's Dry Media brush pack. Man are these things cool. I didn't even scratch the surface of the few brushes I tried out with this. I encourage everybody to go check out his store.


This week on Random Encounters: the Inevitable. Inevitables are mechanical beings of absolute law, who venture forth from the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus to punish the chaotic and the lawless. This specific type of Inevitable is the Kolyarut, who specifically seek out oathbreakers false dealers. This particular Kolyarut has set up a base on the Material Plane, and is preparing his cloak to look suitably threatening before making his appearance.


Here we go, here we go, here we go again. The Inevitable: fearsome avenger from the Plane of Law! Kinda like a medieval robot Batman.

Here’s something from my sketchbook. Some kinda goop monster, I guess? Probably the product of a bizarre alchemical experiment.


This week on a (very) belated Random Encounters: The Stone Golem! These magically-animated creatures are the product of powerful rituals that imbue stone with movement and purpose. Stone Golems are frequently found as guardians or sentinels to important places, where their resemblance to a statue helps them lure adventurers to their doom. This golem has grown bored with holding up his pillar and is examining some detritus left behind by previous parties.


Sorry about the tardiness, working like an adult is hard to get used to.

Two more thank-you drawings going out with print orders today. If you order something from my shop and you have a special request for your thank-you drawing, put it in a note! It’s been fun getting the ink back out for these, I should be practicing my brushwork more.




And we’re back! Sorry about that really long hiatus, but between finishing school, family visits, setting up a new life, etc. things just got really out of hand. But now I’m back with a new monster, this week and every week, until forever, because that’s how long I want you to be happy.

This is the dreaded Xill, a fearsome insectoid that lurks on the Ethereal Plane waiting for passersby. When it finds a suitable victim, it shifts to the Material Plane, paralyzes them with its venom, and lays its eggs inside their bodies. GROSS. Even though it’s not quite mechanically possible, I wanted to draw a Xill who had gotten lost between planes and was trying to find its way back.


Starting up the Random Encounters blog again, sorry about the long break!




And here’s my thesis work. The premise is that by combining imagery and styles from classical, antiquity, and ancient art with contemporary video gaming graphics, I encourage the viewer to think about video games’ place in the history of visual culture.

For our last, easy-breezy assignment, we had to create a non-figurative portrait. A lot of us chose to do each other, so here’s my friend Carter Pierce (AKA C-Money, AKA Yung Mummy, AKA Pthalos) in his post-apocalyptic survival mode.

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