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I got the chance to do another version of the rooftop patten project that I made last semester; figured this time I’d do sewers. I’m less thrilled with this one than the last one, the marks don’t show up as well when the overall values in the pattern are so dark. Something to fix later, maybe.


I made this little Nintendo joke print but I think it’s funny. I put it up on my Society6 store so it’s now available as prints, cards, phone cases, shirts, hoodies, pillows, tote bags, clocks and mugs. 

I’m just a bit mortified that when you upload the shirts it automatically makes it a baby onesie. I don’t know how to take that down. O__O

Anyway, if you want something, go here: 


My friend Terry, who in addition to being a talented and hard-working illustrator is one of the funniest people I know. Check out his work and also buy this shirt, it’s perfect.

This crazy joke I made last summer somehow became my thesis, and now this piece that I never thought I’d actually make is taking shape.

All my images will go up sometime in the next few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy this WIP.

A pattern for class. The theme was “Summertime”, so I tried to represent the kind of boozy delirium that I’m looking forward to after graduation. Just a few weeks.


Sorry, guys, but Random Encounters is running late this week (and may continue to do so for the next couple weeks). I’m finishing up my thesis at school and it really needs a lot of my time.

To tide you over, here’s one of those giant bug things I’m so fond of drawing. Hopefully I’ll have something real for you soon.

These are the facts.


The creature has some fun between scenes

This will be me in four weeks.



Sage:  The final page of Singer’s Cave Issue 1! Thanks so much for reading along so far. And now for some BIG EXCITING NEWS (tm)! The print edition of this issue, along with a couple cool extras, will be available at Linework NW this Saturday the 12th! Come by the Norse Center and grab a copy, say hi, and check out some other cool drawings that Molly and I will have for sale. If you would like a print copy but can’t make it to the convention because of the cruel tyranny of time and space, just send us a message and we will see about setting up a webstore. 

Molly: I can not believe how much work we finished and yet we are only just getting started! Check us out at Linework and grab a copy of Singer’s Cave! I am hoping to be there with Sage to say hello but I also have a mural to do that week. We will see. I have my fingers crossed. I am just so happy that we made it this far!


Hey guys, this is just to let you know that I finally have a store up and running where you can buy prints of the Random Encounters monsters. The package deal pictured above is not the only option, you can also buy individual monsters for $10 each. There’s a link to the store on the blog page, and another just below:


Send me money and I will send you pieces of paper with my drawings on them!


This week on Random Encounters: The Green Slaad! Not to be confused with Blue Slaads, Red Slaads, Caeser Slaads, or Waldorf Slaads (ok sorry stupid joke), Green Slaads wander the planes searching for magical power in order to ascend to the rank of Gray Slaad. Slaads in general are powerful creatures from the plane of Elemental Chaos, and as such are mercurial and capricious.

Here he is, the Green Slaad! I bet the three people who unfollowed me on my way home will be sorry they missed this!!!….!!??… Anyway, thesis is coming down on me hard right now, so these may be slightly less polished until that wraps up.

An editorial assignment about the failures/flaws of public transit in Portland. We have a truly excellent bus/light rail system, but all that costs a lot of money, and the city can’t truly afford its current system.

P.S. I just realized that I totally re-used the color scheme from the Ogre Mage piece, which I didn’t like that much in the first place. I must be stuck in a rut.

Potential covers for my thesis book. Designers and type nerds, feel free to message me comments/hatemail, because I’m not sure about either of these.



Seriously, that took way too long. Sage and I are very sorry. (I am the one who should be the most sorry…)

A new page of Singer’s Cave just went up! I demand at least half the blame for this though. (For my new followers, Singer’s Cave is a comic I make with Molly Mendoza, it’s really rad go check it out.)


This week on Random Encounters: The Ogre Mage! These powerful and intelligent cousins of the normal ogre are both adept physical combatants and powerful spellcasters. They are not to be trifled with, for inviting the ire of an Ogre Mage surely spells a swift end. This particular fellow is honing his craft at an open-air forge in the mountains.

P.S. Ogre Mages were originally inspired by Japanese Oni, which makes a refreshing change from all the creatures from Western mythology. Not that I don’t like manticores or whatever, but it’s good to get some variety.

Ogre Mages can mess you up any one of ten ways; not something to take lightly!


This week on Random Encounters: the Umber Hulk! Umber Hulks appear bizarre and frightening, but are actually intelligent creatures. They are naturally curious and docile, but their appearance usually provokes other races into attacking or enslaving them. This one just stumbled on a strange bag in the woods.

Anyone who follows my main art blog (greylagoon.tumblr.com) will know I have an abiding love for big insect monsters. Something about drawing chitin and odd mandibles really thrills me. Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you next week.

Here it is: the Umber Hulk! I love these guys, they just wanna roam around and chill but everyone gets so freaked out by the 8-foot-tall bug thing that they can’t handle it.


Sorry about the delay, but here it is: the Beholder! I was pretty chuffed when I rolled this dude, since Beholders are another iconic Dungeons and Dragons monster. They are powerfully magical creatures who use their special eye powers to incinerate, disintegrate, and generally maul any adventurers who wander into their gaze. They are also supposedly very arrogant creatures who spend most of their time alone, which is why this one is entertaining himself with a laser light show.

This week on a slightly tardy Random Encounters: the Beholder! I have such a love for these awesome, stupid monsters. A flying one-eyed head that shoots magic? That’s totally bangin’.

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