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Hey, everyone! Head on over to Study Group Comics where Sage and I’s comic, Singer’s Cave, updates every Wednesday. Expect new pages soon and the old ones too at Study Group. We appreciate all of your support and we are still so thrilled to be doing this!!

I will testify that everything above is absolutely true.


This week on Random Encounters: The Roper! I was very excited about this one too. I love drawing rocks and I love drawing monsters, and here is a monster who pretends to be a rock! Double damage. Ropers lurk in stony caves or among rocky hills, pretending to be natural fixtures until a hapless victim wanders into reach of their grasping tentacles.

I’m coming up on the end of the 20-level progression and I’m thinking about what else I want to do with this project. I was thinking about a zine collecting all the drawings, maybe with some extra text and stuff? Would anyone be interested in that?


Here’s the latest monster. Would anybody be interested in a zine collecting all of these? I want to do something with this project beside just the prints.

Also don’t forget to check out Singer’s Cave, Part One, new every Wednesday on STUDY GROUP.


WHAAAT, another monster post so soon? How can it be? This week on Random Encounters, a level 15 Kobold Sorcerer. Usually kobolds are just 1st-level fodder for greedy adventurers, but this one has survived long enough to gain some character levels. Here he is, checking on his hidden magical reagent garden. I have to admit that I get a little bored drawing those powerful monsters; they have so much less personality than the low level schmucks. I was pretty chuffed to roll this one.


Here he is, the Level Fifteen Kobold Sorcerer! His arcane wisdom is almost palpable.

Doodle- some stuff that every adventurer loves: a plate of food, some drink and a backpack full of goodies.


Head over to SInger’s Cave and check out the new chapter!

A new page of Singer’s Cave just went up! Go on over and take a look.

Ezba, High-Risk Window Washer, and her familiar Crake. Sometimes a warmup drawing just gets away from you, ya know? I like to think that even in a world with magic, someone’s gotta have to wash windows despite all the flying monsters and such.


Whoaaaa, it really happened! This week on Random Encounters, the Nalfeshnee! These powerful demons are the gatekeepers of the Abyss, responsible for the overseeing and judgement of newly arrived souls. Their corpulent forms are held aloft by relatively puny wings, and they (usually) delight in administering to the wretches in their care. This particular Nalfeshnee, however, is getting bored with administering punishment and is dreaming of crepes.


Not a lot to add here other than maybe buy a print? If you want that.

Here’s some spoopy castle, all inked up. I’ve been trying to move back and forth between digital and traditional media more lately. The challenge is very satisfying even if the results are more simple.

I think this place is probably a level from a 3D platformer, awaiting the arrival of the protagonist.

Quick color version of a sketch from last night. I will have more drawings for you later today as well. Also, I finally joined the cyborg nation and got a smartphone, which means I get to fritter away even more time on different soshul mediuhs. If you’re looking for more garbage from me, try:



A new page of Singer’s Cave!! Go check it out!

This really happened! Really for true.

Whoa, big update! How could all the images above possibly have anything in common? Just let me tell ya.

So, the first three are some pages from my sketchbook that I made during ICON8, the illustration conference where I volunteered along with my stalwart and noble fellows from Pacific Northwest College of Art and Elsewhere. It was four days of very interesting talks, panels, workshops, and elbow rubbing. Altogether a very enlightening and entertaining experience.

The second two are pictures of the studio space that I’m putting together with Molly Mendoza aka msmollym in our apartment. I’ve been moving boxes, building shelves, lugging furniture and sweating up a storm for a week or two, which (hopefully) goes some ways towards explaining why I haven’t been too active on tumblr recently. Can you ever forgive me? I did it for love.

The last three tell the story of my ascension to my dark throne; this may be tipping my hand a bit but I just hit 666 followers and as a celebration of my new office as Lord of Darkness, Seducer of Men and Betrayer of Nations, I would like to offer you a chance to win some art. Just send me a message with your name and a mailing address, and after a week I will randomly select one person to receive a little drawing of something satanic by Yours Truly. Don’t worry, I cannot afford either air or train fare and so will not be able to stalk you to your mailing address.

Sorry about the long silence, hopefully it’s all over now!

Hey guys! I was sitting on this one all through ICON and I finally got the time to sit down and finish it. I keep trying to plan out a good-size comic for this world, and I’ll do it as soon as I can find a way to not just rip off Nausicaa.

*edit* I recommend hi-resing this thing, because tumblr hates horizontal formats.


Hey guys, sorry about all the recent radio silence. In addition to my regular job, I was volunteering this week at ICON8, which is this big illustration conference that moves all around the country every coupla years. That was very intense and it took me a bit to get back on my feet afterwards. I’m finally working on another piece and I’ll be getting back to Random Encounters soon too. In the meantime, enjoy this preview of the thing I’m working on today.

Here are some test sprites for a little game I’m working on with a friend. Nothing final, but just noodling around to get a feel for what’s gonna work.


This week on Random Encouters: The Lich! A lich is a powerful undead creature who has willingly given up their mortal existence in exchange for immortality and immense magical power. They bind their souls into gems, pendants, or other objects called Phylacteries. In order to destroy a lich, you must destroy the phylactery as well or the creature will simply re-form. This Lich is using his untold power to force zombies to re-arrange his furniture for him.

Sorry it took so long, guys. I just got off of an 8-day work week and free time has been pretty limited. If you want to help me not worry about bills and rent so much, please consider buying a couple prints from my shop.


Whoaaaaa it’s a Lich. Sorry it took so long, free time has been a real premium lately.

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